SK hynix Load Reduced DDR3(L) SDRAM DIMMs are low power, high-speed operation memory modules that use SK hynix DDR3(L) SDRAM devices. These Load Reduced DIMMs are intended for use as main memory when installed in systems such as servers and workstations.


  • 240 pin Load Reduced DDR3(L) DRAM Dual In-Line Memory Module
  • Buffer performance by LRDIMM presenting less load to system
  • Compatible with RDIMM systems with appropriate BIOS changes
  • Backward Compatible with 1.5V DDR3 Memory Module
      (1.35V could not support the upper 1.5V speed)
  • Built with 4Gb DDR3 SDRAM 78ball
  • Data transfer rates: Up to PC3L-12800 / PC3-14900
  • JEDEC standard Double Data Rate3 Synchronous DRAMs(DDR3 SDRAMs) with 1.5V nominal
  • JEDEC standard Double Data Rate3L Synchronous DRAMs(DDR3L SDRAMs) with 1.35V nominal
  • Functionality and operations are same with DDR3 & DDR3L about same speed bin
  • Host interface and MB(Memory Buffer) component industry standard compliant
  • MB provides “address multiplication” to generate additional chips selects
  • Address mirroring
  • ODT (On-Die Termination)
  • 133.35 x 30.35 mm form factor
  • Full DIMM Heat Spreader
  • This product is in compliance with the RoHS directive.

Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet의 Part Number, Rev., Update Date, Remark를 나타낸 표 입니다.
Part Number Rev. Update Date Remark
HMT84GL7BMR4A 1.0 2015-07-02  

Device Operation

Device Operation Device Operation의 Part File Name, Update Date, Remark를 나타낸 표 입니다
Part Number Update Date Remark
DDR3L_device_operation_timing_diagram_computing.pdf 2013-10-24  


SpeedSpeed의 Part Number, Speed를 나타낸 표 입니다.
Part Number Speed
H9 1333 9-9-9
PB 1600 11-11-11