Continuing to advance through 3D technology

SK hynix has brought the prototype of the 1st generation 3D NAND in 2014. In 2015, we are introducing solutions using the 2nd generation 3D NAND, scheduled to go into production within the 2nd half of 2015.
Our cutting-edge 3D NAND technology will open new spectrums and possibilities to all storage applications.

Benefits of SK hynix 3D Technology


3D NAND cells are formed vertically.
By this virtue of 3D cell architecture, the interference between bit lines is almost zero. This is possible because, instead of metallic floating gate, 3D NAND cells use the dielectric material such as Nitride, which helps to substantially reduce the capacitive coupling between neighboring cells.


3D architecture offers smaller cell interference and narrower cell distribution, which allows a high speed one-shot programming. This achieves 50% improvement in sequential write speed for the same 64GB MLC when mounted in an actual mobile device, reaching 200MB/s.

Bit Growth

3D NAND increases capacity by stacking 3D vertical layers instead of using photolithography. This eliminates the limitation of flash patterning, and increases capacity.

SK hynix 3D NAND Everywhere

3D NAND technology is planned to be applied everywhere, from client to enterprise SSDs. This will lead a wider adoption of mobile and SSD storage solutions of various types.

Supporting Mobile & Channel

SK hynix is committed to sharing the advantages of 3D NAND with industry partners and customers, without limitations.

NAND Flash portfolio

SK hynix introduces new generation products each year. SK hynix plans to release various storage solutions in the next 3 years with 3D benefits.