Since its establishment in 1983, SK hynix has transformed Korea, where the semiconductor industry was practically non-existent, into a semiconductor powerhouse. Such a journey has been well documented in the corporate history replete with creative efforts through which the company rose to various challenges.
Since joining SK Group in 2012, SK hynix has been carrying out bold moves for innovation and strategic investment under the leadership of Chairman Taewon Choi. This has helped the company lay the groundwork for sustainable growth and serve as a new growth engine for the entire group.
Through ongoing innovation and strong impetus to move forward, we are committed to confirming our status as a leading corporation for memory-based semiconductor solutions in the global IT industry and to ushering in the future.
SK hynix was the first Korean company in 1984 to produce prototypes of 16kb S RAM. Our commitment to developing high capacity, high speed and ultra-power-saving memory solutions has been held strong to see the development of HBM2 in 2018. As the IT industry and ICT environment continue to become ever more sophisticated, SK hynix is taking the lead in opening u p a new era for high value-added memory semiconductors.
Technology that not only benefits devices but makes life more convenient. SK hynix is on the cutting-edge of bringing about such changes.
Fast speed, coupled with reliability and power efficiency are some of the features of solutions offered by SK hynix that are optimized for the user environment.
From various forms of smartphones to IoT devices whose application knows no limits, SK hynix’s wide range of products including high functioning memory items offer the highest quality.
The technology to address the rapid increase in data and efficiently save, analyze or transmit them is enabled with the progress made in the memory industry.
SK hynix is taking the lead in bringing about this progress through its highly competitive solutions.
The closer we come to the future of autonomous driving, the more important role semiconductors play. SK hynix is doing its part in opening up the future with its competitive automotive memory.
With the growth in artificial intelligence that is a key part of the 4th industrial revolution, semiconductors, too, are making a leap.
SK hynix provides the most optimized solutions for a variety of devices.
The proprietary know-how and technology of SK hynix leads to the development of high capacity, high functioning and energy-efficient products which drive the company’s global competitiveness. Memory solutions at the core of all changes taking place. SK hynix is ushering in an era of Memory Centric Computing.
SK hynix, a member of SK Corporation, is taking the lead in generating social value.
SK hynix promotes the virtuous cycle of the ecosystem while recognizing the importance of economic value and social value and reaching out to the socially vulerable.
SK hynix, drawing on the business management philosophy that places focus on mankind and the environment, joins efforts for environmental preservation and practices environment-friendly management for future generations.
SK hynix will remain committed to the development of technologies that bring about accelerated environmental change characteristic of the 4th industrial revolution.
It will also build on the competitiveness in high-tech industries to realize social value.
SK hynix will create a better future by playing a key role in the high-tech IT ecosystem.
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