The HYM72V64756B(L)T8 H-series are high speed 3.3-Volt synchronous dynamic RAM Modules composed of eighteen 32Mx8 bit Synchronous DRAMs in 54-pin TSOPII and 8-pin TSSOP 2K bit EEPROM on a 168-pin glass-epoxy printed circuit board.
One 0.33mF and one 0.1mF decoupling capacitors per each SDRAM are mounted on the module.

The HYM72V64756B(L)T8 H-series are gold plated socket type Dual In-line Memory Modules suitable for easy interchange and addition of 512M bytes memory.
All addresses, data and control inputs are latched on the rising edge of the master clock input. The data paths are internally pipelined to achieve very high bandwidths.


  • 1.15 (29.21mm) PCB Height
  • 168-Pin Unbuffered DIMM with Double Sided
  • One 0.33μF and one 0.1μF decoupling capacitors adopted
  • ECC support
  • Serial Presence Detect with Serial EEPROM
  • Meets all the other JEDEC specifications
  • Single 3.3V±0.3V power supply
  • All device pins are LVTTL compatible
  • 8192 refresh cycles / 64ms
  • Fully synchronous ; all inputs referenced to positive edge of system clock
  • Dual or Quad internal banks with single pulsed /RAS
  • Auto precharge/precharge all banks by A10 flag
  • Possible to assert random column address every clock cycle
  • Interleaved auto refresh mode
  • Programmable burst lengths and sequences
    • 1,2,4,8,full page for Sequential type
    • 1,2,4,8 for Interleave type
  • Programmable /CAS latency ; 2,3 clocks
  • Support clock suspend/power down mode by CKE0, CKE1
  • Data mask function by DQM
  • Mode register set programming
  • Burst termination command
  • Self refresh provides minimum power, full internal refresh control

Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet의 Part Number, Rev., Update Date, Remark를 나타낸 표 입니다.
Part Number Rev. Update Date Remark
HYM72V64756BT8 0.2 2004-04-26  Lead Free


SpeedSpeed의 Part Number, Speed를 나타낸 표 입니다.
Part Number Speed
P PC100,CL2
S PC100,CL3