DBLDouble Bottom Line

Please report an incidence of unfair trade you are aware of.

1.Slandering or using vulgar language is prohibited. Contents presented aiming for profit-seeking publicity will be deleted without giving notice.

2.Anyone who have previous experience of reporting should use the same ID to log in for reporting.

3.Those wishing to report an incidence of the SK hynix's unfair transactions should press the button below to fill out the form.

4.Your report will be sent to our CP Office for investigation.

5.Investigation results will be available to those reported by checking into the status of work progress. Those who furnished the email address will receive the investigation results through email.

6.All reports are processed behind the closed doors in accordance with strict security procedures.

7.Please use the Cyber Opinion Center of our ethical management system when you report an unethical act of our employees.

Responsible Department

The CP Office of SK hynix (Tel) 02-3459-3626 (Fax) 031-645-8174 (E-mail) fairtrade@skhynix.com

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