SK hynix has established "the best memory-based semi-conductor solution company" as our vision and built the sustainable management systems to carry out detailed assignments. Also, we have linked all the activities regarding sustainable management with SKMS (SK Management System) in order to grow together with the SK group, create values for the people concerned, and contribute to social and economic development.


Create happiness with continuous growth

SK hynix aims to bring about sustainable growth that can create values for the people concerned and make contribution to social and economic development, which may eventually lead to the happiness for the human beings. In order to not only survive in the rapidly changing management environment, but also to maintain sustainable growth, we will comply with the SKMS (SK Management System), which is the SK group's principles for management, and carry out all the activities to establish the system that can cope with the changes in outside environment.

Sustainable Management System

SK hynix is operating the Global Compliance Team and SM TF in order to become a respected enterprise that complies with the SUPEX management principles through human-centered management and to strengthen our capabilities for systematic and sustainable management. With the Global Compliance Team, we have uncovered issues related to the economy, society, ethics, and environment sectors and inspected the performance results. Based upon this implementation system, we aim to review the strategic system and road map to promote sustainable management and cope with risks in order to carry out those tasks associated with sustainable management. Furthermore, based upon those products and services created by applying variety of opinions from relevant people to management activities and creating integrated values, we aim to build a sustainable society and contribute to providing more value for interested and concerned parties.

Global Recognition

SK hynix was listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) World in 2010 for the first time. Then, we were listed in all DJSI areas including World, Asia Pacific, and Korea in 2011 and 2015, making it six consecutive years. This improves the image of SK hynix as a global company and recognizes that SK hynix is a company worth investment in a mid-to-long term. So we expect stable influx of investment funds to the company and will be able to enjoy the trust of the market. We will continue to implement sustainability management that creates values and shares happiness with the people concerned.

Sustainability Policy

Human Rights & Labor Policy

  1. First. SK hynix respects the human dignity and values of all employees and members of its supply chains in pursuing sustainable happiness.
  2. Second. SK hynix is committed to upholding humanism in maintaining good working conditions for all employees and members of its supply chains to enable them to pursue happiness.
  3. Third. SK hynix upholds and respects human rights and labor standards set forth by international organizations such as the UN and ILO and does not discriminate against any individual based on gender, race, nationality, religion, or age.
  4. Fourth. SK hynix complies with the EICC Code of Conduct and labor laws of all countries and regions where it operates, and such compliance is a basic duty of all members of its supply chains.

Guide Line

  1. 01.Respect for human rights
    SK hynix respects all employees as equal human beings, and prohibits violation of human rights under all and any circumstances.
  2. 02.Prohibition of forced labor
    SK hynix does not compel any employee to work against their will by mental and physical bondage including slavery or trafficking of persons, and will not demand that employees surrender any government-issued identification, such as passport, to the company as a condition of employment.
  1. 03.Prohibition of child labor
    SK hynix does not employ children and youths under the age of 15 or younger.
  2. 04.Employment of minors
    SK hynix may employ individuals under the age of 18 or younger in compliance with labor laws, though must not place them in hazardous and dangerous location.
  1. 05.Working hours
    SK hynix shall comply with local labor laws in respect to regular working hours, overtime and allowance for overtime.
  2. 06.Wage
    SK hynix's labor wage shall exceed the minimum wage standard set forth by the local labor law.
  1. 07.Non-discrimination
    SK hynix does not discriminate against any individuals in employment, wage and promotions because of their gender, race, national origin, religion, or age.
  2. 08.Freedom of association
    SK hynix guarantees freedom of association and collective bargaining without distinction, and no retaliation may arise as a consequence of the exercise of such rights.

Stakeholder Participation

SK hynix aims to establish the continuous communication and cooperation systems with a variety of people concerned in the region such as customers, employees, stock holders, and partners in order to increase their happiness.

  • Customer

    • QBR(Quarterly Business Review)
    • CSC(Customer Service Center)
    • Exhibition, printing and distributing a brochure
    • Questionnaire survey
    • Operating multi-language homepage
    • Newsletter
  • Shareholder/Investor

    • General meetings of shareholders
    • Public announcement and briefing of achievements
    • Conference call
    • Investors' meeting
    • Non-deal road show
    • Conferences at home and abroad
  • Employee

    • SK hynix bulletin board
    • SK hynix newsletter
    • Joint labor-management conference
    • Operation of junior board of directors
    • Business information session
    • Operation briefing session
  • Government/NGO

    • Environmental Management Advisory Committee
    • Korea Semiconductor Industry Association
    • The Federation of Korean Industries
    • Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • Community Chest of Korea
  • Business partner

    • Regular general meeting for the SK hynix Business Partners Conference
    • Partners’ Day
    • Visiting Chamsori Ethics Management Class for Business Partners
    • CSR consulting
    • Win-win academy
    • Chamsori newsletter
  • Local community

    • Share-the-Love fund operation committee
    • Operating the university-industry cooperation program and establishing sisterhood relationship
    • Community children’s center
    • Junior engineering class

Sustainability Report



SK hynix is very pleased to introduce our sustainability management through the 11th Sustainability Report this year. SK hynix will continue to grow into a corporate citizen that progresses together with its stakeholders by balancing economic and social values in the process of innovation and growth.

Smart Solution, Happy Life 2017

Smart Solution, Happy Life

SK hynix is very pleased to introduce our sustainability management through the 10th Sustainability Report this year. This year’s report features what we’ve accomplished for the past 10 years and what our plans are. SK hynix promises to fulfill its responsibilities and roles in the economy, society, the environment.