SK hynix strengthens the semiconductor ecosystem through shared infrastructure and makes the utmost effort to ultimately increase the total value of society.

The Concept of Shared Infrastructure

Shared infrastructure means sharing the tangible and intangible assets owned by SK hynix in a practical manner and creating new economic values through such sharing.

The Concept of Shared Infrastructure

Tangible and Intangible Assets of SK hynix
Subsidiary company
within the group
Cooperative firm
Venture Company
Social Enterprise

"Establishment of new business model through sharing and utilization"

Securing of Double Bottom Line for the group through shared infrastructure

Economic Value
  • 'Efficiency enhancement of group level' which surpasses the efficiency of the individual-level OC
  • 'Economic enhancement of the group' through the expansion of shared infrastructure beyond groups to external partners
Social Value
  • Contribute to the 'enhancement of national competitiveness' by increasing the efficiency at a national-level
  • Contribute to 'alleviating the trend of polarization' by providing small and medium sized businesses with access to high-quality Biz infrastructure

Progress Direction of Shared Infrastructure

SK hynix strives to establish a Hub platform that has gathered together qualified specialists in semiconductors and those with technical capabilities for the development of an open ecosystem. Talented personnel who are well trained through novel innovation and diverse research experiences will become the basis for strengthening the constitution and capacity of the semiconductor ecosystem.

The Semiconductor Academy, which shares the knowledge and know-how that SK hynix has accumulated for about 30 years with over 90 cooperative firms, is Korea’s best semiconductor specializing educational institution.
Specializing Center
High-quality analysis data based on latest equipment and know-how of SK hynix supports the technical skills of cooperative firms.
Foundation Center
It is a program that supports professional consultation such as venture consulting to discover the ideas of members who are capable of creating new social values for actual business.
Common Project
R&D Center
Common Project R&D Center is a research infrastructure that shares capacities by field through the integrated cooperation of
SK hynix with cooperative firms and universities, etc. concentrating upon projects and secures future technologies
in a timely manner.