Green Product Management

Green Product Information Management System

Green Process Management System Process flow

Green Supplier Management


EU RoHS was enforced on July1,2006 and China RoHS, REACH, EuP and WEEE would be enforced immediately and later. Restrictions of contained chemical substances in products would be strengthened and it would be essential that SK hynix associates with all suppliers closely. The Green Supplier Chain Management is product environmental quality system between SK hynix and suppliers which furnish raw materials and parts. SK hynix would like to recognize environmental quality control system of supplier and promote strengthening of managing chemical substances in products.


Green Supplier means their environmental system and products are certified by SK hynix environmental control system


Applied to all suppliers delivering to SK hynix with parts, raw materials, packing materials and subsidiary materials, etc.


In order to guarantee environmentally friendly product quality in parts, raw materials, packaging materials and subsidiary materials carried out by cooperating suppliers and achieve complete countermeasure capacities against international regulations of environmental friendly product qualities.

Operation item

Management of Restricted substance

Audit , Certificate

Certificate Process

  • 2nd Sub Tier
  • A
  • Suppliers
  • B
  • SK hynix IQC/SQA
  • C
  • SK hynix SQA
  • Analysis Test Report
  • Non use of Certificate
  • Sample
  • Improve Plan (If needed)
B 1. Qualification
  • Analysis Test Report (Effective term 1year)
  • Sample
  • Improvement Plan (If needed)
2. Mass warehousing
  • Analysis Test Report
  • Chemical Formation Table of Product
  • Environmental Influenced Substances
  • Letter of quarantee
  • MSDS Report
3. Evaluation of Environmental System
C 1. Certificate Requirement Check
  • Analysis Test Report
  • Chemical Formation Table of Product
  • Environmental Influenced Substances
  • Analysis Data of RoHS 6 Substances
  • Letter of guarantee MSDS Report
  • Environmental System
  • Evaluation : 80 marks or higher
2. Issue a Certificate

Green Partnership

Communication with supplier

  • Hold environmental senimar to supplier periodically to explain regulation trend and compliance direction.
  • Suggest industry compliance for specific regulation like RoHS, Halogen free and REACH etc.
  • Peridic assessment and encouragement.

Communicate the supplier status and condition to make final solution to mutual properity.

  • Assess supplier’s compliance like a information sharing and enviromnetal friendly process contol.
  • Encourage higher lanked supplier as to support procurement quantity and business partnership and also lower lanked supplier as to continuous monitor and education.

Other Activity

  • Try to reduce analysis expense by channeling supplier and analysis service company concerning smaller supplier.

LCA Computerizing System

SK hynix has conducted a series of LCA studies on DRAM and Nand Flash Memory since installation of LCA computerizing system in 2010.
Currently we are expanding its area into DRAM Module product. We highly expect that this LCA computerizing system can help provide customer with a piece of information on the product environmental footprint when our customers need.