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The Relation between Whisker and Stress

Tin Whiskers Examples

Examples of whiskers observed on QFPs after constant temperature aging

Summary of room temperature aging results

Plating Room temp. age Not assembled Assembled with SAC or Sn-Pb
Sn 6 months >15㎛ whiskers  
Sn 8 months   No whiskers(bumps)
Sn - 3% Bi 6 months 0 -15㎛ whiskers  
Sn - 3% Bi 8 months   No whiskers
Sn - 10% PB 8 months   No whiskers

I.R reflow profile

I.R reflow profile Profile Feature, Lead-Free Product를 나타낸 표입니다
Profile Feature Lead-Free Product
Average ramp-up rate 3℃/second max.
Preheat 150~200℃ ; 60~180seconds
Time maintained above 217℃ ; 60~150seconds
Peak Temperature 255~260℃ ; 10~20seconds
Ramp-down rate 6℃/second max.
Time 25℃ to Peak Temperature 8 minutes max.

Lead Free

Halogen Free

  • Usage : Used as flame retardant in EMC & PCB as resin
  • Method : substitute to Nitrogen material P,N and increase filler quantity
  • Brominated Flame Retardant with Sb2O3    Flame Retarding Resin + High Filler Loading
  • Halogen Free


Chemical Name of Flame Retardant CAS No.
Formaldehyde Polymer with Bromophenol and Chloromethyl 68541-56-0
Antimony trioxide 1309-64-4

Package Substrate & Module PCB

Chemical Name of Flame Retardant CAS No.
Epoxy Resin 26265-8-7