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SK hynix aims to foster ethical thinking to our members and apply them into practice so that ethical management can be settled as an enterprise culture. Through this, we aim to become one of the global ethical enterprises.

Declaration of Ethical Management

SK hynix executes its duties ethically and lawfully, with an understanding of contemporary norms, and strives to establish an order of fair trade. SK hynix also promotes a transparent and clean corporate culture to fulfill its social responsibilities.

Declaration of Ethical Management
  1. 01.All management activities will comply with the laws and local customs of the nation and the international community based on ethical values.
  2. 02.The company will establish an order of transparent and fair trade to eradicate injustice and corruption.
  3. 03.The company will establish a corporate culture based on ethical management and try to spread it to cooperative firms.
  4. 04.The company will establish an office to take charge of ethical management, in order to create a system in which ethical management is put into practice and continuously improved.
  5. 05.The company will make this declaration public to all stakeholders in order to effectively fulfill its intent.

Code of Conduct And Ethics Code Practice Guidelines

[Code of Conduct]

SK hynix strives to create value for various stakeholders, including customers, members, stockholders, business partners (BP hereafter), community members and the national, using SKMS as the foundation of management, and aims to play a core role in social and economic development. Furthermore, the company will practice management that contributes to the happiness of mankind. To achieve this, the company will enact a declaration of ethical management and an ethics code, which all members will use as a yardstick for judging decision-making and acts in management activities.


[Ethics Code Practice Guidelines]

This guideline aims to set a judgment yardstick for decision-making related to ethical conflicts that can occur in the process of performing work, so that members can precisely understand the ethics code and put it into practice.


Mutually Beneficial Ethical Management Guideline

SK hynix exerts our highest effort to create the fair and clean partnership with our partners. For this, SK hynix promises that we will comply with the ethical code as indicated below.
We encourage our business partners to actively participate in complying with the codes listed below.

  1. 01.We will not give or take any gift or money relating to congratulations and condolences or notify our partners of such events. We will pay for a variety of costs relating to meals and others.

    • Entertainment fees such as money, gift, feast, meal, tour, and golf
    • Providing conveniences that are out of business range such as transportation, event, and accommodations
    • Repayment or guarantee for the liabilities such as substitute payment and loan guarantee
  2. 02.We will comply with the agreement and participate in improving the social policies and practices for fair and clean trade.

    • Timely payment for purchases and construction costs stated in the agreement
    • Compliance with the social responsibilities, including activities such as welfare, environment, health care, ethics and timely payment of the wages
  1. 03.We will not compel unfair agreement to others as the conditions to continue trade.

    • Coercion or arrogation in delivery cost or schedule in the agreement process
    • Irrational work processes such as leaking the bidding information, price-fixing, registering unqualified trade partners, and giving unfair amount of work
  2. 04.We will not request for personal affairs or purchases in inappropriate ways.

    • Request for special treatment in personnel management such as employing or promoting the enlisted/former members and their family members
    • Guarantee for the future such as promising to sign a deal or to hire after retirement
  1. 05.We will protect the intellectual property rights such as confidential business information.

    Classified information such as confidential business information, technology and equipment development information, and customer information

  2. 06.We will not lead or cooperate with the poaching of essential personnel.

    Personnel information related to organization status and personal information of the employees

  1. 07.We will keep business etiquette and manners when communicating with our partners.