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CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYEstablish Safe Risk-Free Business Places

Conduct PSM System

PSM(Process Safety Management)

SK hynix prepared [process safety reports] containing plans about management of safety, health and technology data, assessment of risks regarding hazardous and dangerous processes, the securing of perfect safety of facilities and safe operation of facilities, and has implemented them.
The company has implemented a comprehensive safety management system to prevent serious industrial accidents by making all workers voluntarily take part in the process, find out potential risks regarding dangerous facilities and eliminate them or reduce their effects as much as possible.

12 elements of PSM

PSM is a systematic safety management system.

※ PSM rules and company regulations : Occupational Safety and Health Act Article 49 Clause 2 (submission of process safety reports, among others), S2-SHE-102(industrial safety management provision), S3-SHE-107(process safety reports preparation provision)

12 PSM Elements to Practice
1. Data about process safety
Data about process safety
The most basic data to operate processes
2. Risk assessment
Risk assessment
Find out risks and eliminate them
3. Guidelines for safe operation
Guidelines for safe operation
Detailed procedures for safe process operation
4. Facility checking and maintenance
Facility checking and maintenance
Checking, examination and maintenance procedures to secure facility safety
5. Safe work permission
Safe work permission
License system to find out work risks and eliminate them
6. Safety management for contract companies
Safety management for contract companies
Securing safety of contract companies at the same level as SK hynix
7. Education plans for workers
Education plans for workers
Various education programs to help workers execute their jobs safely
8. Guidelines for checking before operation
Guidelines for checking before operation
Check risks and remove them before facility operation
9. Management of altered elements
Management of altered elements
Examine risks of alterations in advance
10. Self-checking
Self-checking about performance of PSM
11. Process accident investigation
Process accident investigation
Find out basic reasons of accidents and establish preventive measures
12. Emergency measures
Emergency measures
Swiftly handle and protect human lives and properties in emergency

Alteration Management Committee

SK hynix operates a management committee that assesses changes and how to eliminate any attendant risks.
This is a procedure to examine risks associated with changes in advance and to eliminate potential risks in the case where there are changes to process techniques, facilities and procedures.
SK hynix conducts safety examinations, inspections and follow-up management to prevent risks caused by alterations and revises information on process safety, diagram drawings and regulation documents according to fields to execute safety management to prevent accidents.

SK hynix forms an alteration management committee with specialists from each area and operates it.

* Technical Steering Committee

Alteration Management Committee
Classification Alteration Management Committee
Stage 1(evaluation) Evaluation committee for each campus Stage 2(approval) SHE TSC *
Supervision P&S team chief SHE office head
Cycle Every other week (second, fourth) Once a month (first week), execute if necessary
Organization formation
  • Head of the assessment department appoints the team leader.(part chief-class)
  • Group chief of the assessment department appoints committee members.(P/L-class)
Selection criteria
  • Manager with knowledge and experience in alteration assessment processes/ facilities / materials
  • Head of the alteration assessment department

Objects of Alteration Management

  • Alterations related to all liquid gas systems (processes and H/W)
  • Introduction of new chemicals and alterations to materials that are being used
  • Installation of new equipment and facilities and alterations in related important structures
  • Alteration of materials, thickness and diameter of pipes
Items Needing No Alteration Management
  • Replacing facilities (equipment) with items that are same as existing facilities (equipment)
  • Alteration of operation parameters within process management criteria of operation standards
  • Repairing, correction and adjustment of gauges
  • Repairing of facilities (equipment), replacement of products with same specifications (electric equipment)

Security Work Permission, Work Risk Evaluation

SK hynix has adopted a safety operation permission system which approves operations after evaluating risks in advance in order to prevent safety accidents.
The company permits operations to proceed based on the results of risk evaluations for each workplace and conducts operation safety inspections after assessing potential risks in advance and preparing measures.
In addition, the company checks risks for each stage before, after and in the process of operations to eliminate potential risks caused by unsafe actions and makes every effort to prevent accidents through strengthening safety supervision by checking if safety operation procedures regarding risks are observed while working.

SHE Qualification Upgrading

SK hynix examines emissions of pollutants, such as gases and chemicals, in advance when it designs and produces equipments (facilities) and checks their safety before operating them.
The company checks if all components of equipments and facilities observe SHE H/W requirement specifications and then submits and reviews the results, in order to eliminate irrational situations and to secure fundamental safety.

Safety Security Check in Advance Before Equipment is Received

  • Provide SHE H/W requirement / These requirements must be observed during manufacturing process
  • Submit an advance safety certificate to the manufacturing company and check papers / review
Suggest specs
equipment manufacturing
submit the certificate
stock equipment

Operation of SHE Experience Education Center

SK hynix has conducted safety, health and environment education in the best interests of its members and regional societies in terms of safety, health and environment issues. The focus of education has changed to direct experience and away from theories.
The company has extended the targets of education from its members to cooperative companies and outside visitors. To cultivate safety awareness and strengthen its ability to cope with disasters and accidents in advance, the company has operated a space to experience various safety rules and learning facilities to experience fire-fighting and evacuation techniques.

Autonomous Activities to Eliminate Potential Risks

SK hynix has executed activities to remove potential risks and promote fundamental safety in order to establish an autonomous safety culture and prevent accidents.
As unsafe acts and situations cause accidents leading to serious accidents, field members have detected risks through voluntary checking, and the company formed a safety consultative body providing technical assistance to improve field members’ capacity and enhance communication with them and removed those risks.

Plans regarding Emergency Response Measures

SK hynix has coped with and controlled emergencies as quickly as possible through monitoring its 24-hour safety and fire-fighting system and prevented proliferation of accidents by operating an emergency control tower.
In preparation for accidents by type (fire, gas, chemical, liquid, and so on) at ordinary times, the company has maintained and repaired equipment for handling emergent situations and secured an ability to evacuate people through conducting evacuation drills for each building.

Plans regarding  Emergency Response Measures

Emergency call : 031-5185-9999(Icheon),  043-907-9999(Cheongju)

Activities for cooperation and coexistence (cooperative companies)

Activities for cooperation and coexistence (cooperative companies)

SK hynix operates a program for coexistence and cooperation to promote the sustainable growth of cooperative companies.
SK hynix has acquired a cooperative company safety and health management system certification, assessed risks, educated internal judges, provided educational programs for establishing SHE goals, operated a regular cooperative body to diagnose execution of management systems, to support internal examinations, to secure safety and health capacities of cooperative firms and to prevent accidents, improved irrational field conditions, measured working environments, assisted medical check-ups, offered regular SHE prizes, trained workers to cope with emergencies and provided protective safety equipment.