SUPPORTSupplier Code of Conduct

Every partner working with SK hynix should comply with the requirements indicated below and be qualified as a Global Company and exert their highest effort to satisfy SK hynix and its customers.

Labor Rights and Human Rights

Every partner should exert their highest effort in creating the work environment where illegal discrimination and harassment are eradicated and removing harsh or inhumane treatment of their employees. Also, every labor should be carried out voluntarily by workers without forced labor such as slavery and human trafficking, and every partner should comply with the regulations regarding working age, working hours, wage, and freedom to join the labor union as specified by local laws.

Health Safety

Every partner should remove all the risky elements and carry out preventive measures for industrial safety and provide appropriate protective equipment to workers to prevent exposure to risky elements. Also, every partner should establish emergency measures and countermeasures to minimize the damage and the procedures and systems to manage industrial disaster and occupational disease. Every partner should provide their workers with clean work environment and control the risks in physical labor in advance. Every partner should evaluate the risks in manufacturing facilities and other facilities.


Every partner should comply with the environmental licensing and report requirements and the environment/quality management standards of SK hynix. Also, every partner should exert their highest effort to comply with the regulations regarding solid waste, waste water, and air contaminants and to prevent environmental pollution and reduce the amount of resources used. Also, they should comply with related laws and regulations regarding product substance and comply with all the customers' requirements.

Management System

Every partner should adopt and establish management system to comply with related laws, regulations, and customers' requirements. Regarding this, they may express their will to comply with them, clarify management responsibilities, recognize and monitor the related laws, regulations, and customers' requirements, evaluate and manage risks in ethics related to management, manage objectives, evaluate performance, operate training program, or carry out periodic self-evaluation for complying with our trade policy.

Legal Mining of Raw Materials

Every partner should clarify where their resources are coming from and verify/manage that their products are not made by the materials from the areas where conflicts exist or areas such as Congo or neighboring countries (Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, and Central Africa Republic) that provide direct/indirect financial support regarding this.


Every partner who are having cooperative relationship with us should exert their highest effort in pursuing free competition in trade and complying with regulations, trade norms, and our fair trade self-compliance policy. Also, in order to have mutually cooperative relationship with our partners, we should try to develop and carry out various programs to continue clean and fair trade.

Every partner who is in a trade relationship with us is obliged to comply with all the details indicated above and should be evaluated to check whether they have complied with them. These may be modified depending on the global trade environment.