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Data centers have unique requirements to ensure they operate at optimal performance levels at all times. With increasing music and video streaming, on-line transactions, connected devices, machine-learning and internet traffic, recent datacenters have to handle huge amounts of data. Consistent performance with low latency is essential as well as maintaining optimal stability when processing various workloads. SK hynix SSDs fulfill all of these requirements with our Enterprise SSDs equipped with in-house developed NAND flash memory and controller. Optimized for enterprise environments and applications, we continue to bring greater value to the data-driven world.

Fast Processing Performance for Heavy Workloads

Our enterprise SSDs' sustained random read and write performance accelerates Database Management System (DBMS), email exchange, and big data analytics. Sequential performance suits to maximize productivity in media streaming, video on demand and SQL logging type applications.

Power Efficiency for Processing Flows of Data

A high performance storage solution should not compromise on power consumption. For datacenter to run extreme read and write workloads, SSDs should draw industry's best of less than 4 watts in active power. Data center customers will be able to take advantage of this superior power efficiency and IOPS/watt for best TCO(Total Cost of Ownership).

Delivering Steady Performance

Consistent and predictable performance are important metrics for any data center applications to guarantee steady output. The consistency and predictability of our SSD performance meets the industry's Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the data center environment.

Keeping your Data Protected

Enterprise data centers handle highly valuable data of their customers. To keep these datas safe under any circumstances, we equipped our SSDs with power loss protection features. This will protect your data in sudden power loss situations.