PRODUCTSConsumer Solutions


SK hynix consumer memory operates on various devices, and they include home appliance (TV, set top box, DVD player, refrigerator, speaker, digital camera), office machine (printer, copier, PC), and network equipment (router, switch, gateway). With the advent of IoT, these very products are becoming more and more connected to each other and the internet accelerating the adoption of various types of semiconductors including memory. This transformation allows these smart devices to keep constant track of human’s habits and movement, and analyze those datas real time to recreate autonomous decision-making. As IoT technology spreads to various industries including home, building, healthcare, energy and transportation, we will continue to reflect to those market requirements to bring a more efficiency and convenience in our live around the world.

IoT, Life-changing Technology

IoT technology can be found in various industries including home, building, healthcare, energy and transportation. Smart devices keep constant track of human habits and movements, analyzing data in real-time to recreate autonomous decision-making.

High Bandwidth for Advanced Performance

Memory adoption trend moves to high bandwidth and high density to support real-time data processing, connectivity, high resolution, multi display. SK hynix currently covers up to 3733Mbps in LPDDR4.

Whenever, Wherever with Extended Operating Temperature

Network equipment and industrial application needs assured reliability enduring extreme temperatures. Our products support the temperature ranges from -40℃ to 105℃.

Power Efficiency for Always-on Devices

The always-on and connected IoT world naturally brings an imperative to cut down excessive power consumption during standby modes. As a result low power memories such as DDR3(1.5/1.35V), DDR4(1.2V), LPDDR4(1.1V) are being more sought after.

Small Form Factor for Mobility and Portability

As wearable devices become thinner and lighter, market demand for smaller size memory increases, while maintaining higher density. This trend transferred more interest towards LPDDR3/LPDDR4 products which were originally designed for portable mobile smartphones.

Product Lineup in Full Spectrum

To support fully in this vastly expanding trend, our product lineup reflects various requirements by providing a wide range of densities for different type of devices. Our product density ranges from 512Mb to 32Gb, including products LPDDR4, LPDDR3, DDR4, DDR3 and DDR2.