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Today where everything is convenient, we are still haunted by worries.

Fear of mistakes and anxiety over the unfamiliar sometimes trouble us.

At such a moment, how good would it be if we have someone like a reliable friend?

A friend that encourages and reassures us, and solves problems together with wisdom and insight.

SK hynix is such a friend to you.

At home, at work, at school, and on the street, wherever you are, we are with you in various shapes.

Because we are small, you may or may not recognize us.

However, what never changes is that we always support your happiness.

Whenever you encounter happiness, It's like you've met a good friend
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SK hynix


When the word "semiconductor" was uncommon thirty years ago, there was a company dreaming of a digital world. Through creativity, passion, and unwavering challenging spirit towards cutting-edge technology, SK hynix has grown as a global semiconductor company leading the digital world. SK hynix is a sturdy buttress of the IT industry and its greater future.

Since Korea's first pilot production of 16Kb SRAM in 1984, SK hynix has consistently released smaller, faster, and less power-consuming innovative semiconductor products.

1984 Developed Korea's first 16Kb SRAM
1992 Developed 16Mb DRAM
1995 Developed the world's first 256Mb SRAM
2001 Released the world's fastest 128Mb DDR SDRAM for graphics applications
2004 Developed 512Mb NAND Flash

2006 Developed the world's fastest 512Mb mobile DRAM
2008 Developed the world's fastest mobile LPDDR2
2009 Developed the world's first 40-nano class DDR3 DRAM
2010 Developed 20-nano class 64Gb NAND Flash

2011 Developed 30-nano class 2Gb DDR4 DRAM
2012 Developed 8 million-pixel CIS with BSI technology
2012 Launched 20-nano class DDR3L-RS DRAM for mobile applications
2013 Mass produced 2y-nano class DRAM and 10-nano class NAND Flash

State-of-the-art semiconductor products and solutions provided by SK hynix are embedded in smart phones, ultra books, servers, tablet PCs, and other devices serving as the basis for smart life in the mobile era.

Leading the DRAM and NAND flash sectors and ranking second in the global memory semiconductor markets, SK hynix is expanding its business into the field of CMOS Image Sensor and other system semiconductor areas to reinforce its competence as a total semiconductor company.

As well as production bases in Icheon and Cheongju in Korea and Wuxi in China. SK hynix has a global network linking 30 places of 16 countries around the world. Furthermore we are creating a greater customer value through active R&D efforts in technology centers in the U.S. and Italy, laboratories in Icheon, the Flash Solution Design Center in Bundang, and others.

The key competitiveness of SK hynix is the R&D sector that accounts for about 20% of a more than 24,000-strong workforce Mobile IT devices become smarter and this trend calls for high capacity/low power/ultra-high speed and nano technologies. SK hynix's semiconductor technologies have also made progress towards meeting such needs of customers. Moreover, in partnership with leading global companies, we have been developing PCRAM, STT MRAM, ReRAM, and other next-generation memory products to consistently secure the basis for technological competitiveness.

Ranging from tablet PCs to smart phones and smart TVs, the digital revolution led by mobility and smart devices has continued to expand the applications of and demand for semiconductors. SK hynix focuses on diversified business portfolios to create high added value based on its world's class technology competence.

Smart TV
Smart Phone
Desktop / Notebook
Game Console
Digital Camera

SK hynix is making a new leap forward as a member of the SK group - By building on the best memory semiconductor solution technology and leadership, SK hynix will keep striving to become 'the world's best total semiconductor company'.

SK hynix pursues sustainable growth. With a view to sharing success and happiness with more people, we will fulfill our corporate duty and responsibility. Under the name of SK hynix, we will open a smarter IT world. Under the name of SK hynix, we will create a happier future. SK hynix.