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We prepare for the future together with the government so that the children from low-income group can grow into a successful member in the society.

Background and Objective

  • -To provide scholarship and initial cost for employment and business start-up for the children in low-income group
  • -To establish the groundwork for fostering the capabilities of the children by supporting economic independence


  • -30,000 KRW is deposited to Didim Seed Bank Account every month.
  • -Support the matching grant (Corporation: Local Government = 1 : 1), Max. 30,000 KRW monthly


  • -Children in low income group and local protection facilities in Icheon/Cheongju
    ① Child head of a household, foster child, children in protection facilities: Age between 0 - 18
    ② Children receiving basic livelihood security: Age between 12 - 18