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We aim to support the children from low-income group with the clean and safe environment where they can focus on studying.

Background and Objective

  • -To provide repair/maintenance on facilities in Icheon/Cheongju targeted for community child center
  • -To support IT infrastructure for providing environment for IT education


  • 1) 2011 ~ 2013 :Provided basic livelihood facilities and repaired old facilities
    (insulation, heating, wall-papering, drainage, etc.)
  • 2) 2014 ~ 2015 :① Created SK hynix Happy IT Zone (support PC and IT environment)
    ② Synergy effect is expected with our project for fostering talented IT people.
    ③ Promote the education program using Internet


  • -Community child center in Icheon/Cheongju
  • Before construction
  • Under construction
  • After construction