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Though graphics are often related with gaming, the areas in which graphics solutions can be used are expanding with advent Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, and Big Data Analytics. Mainly used in GPU/graphic cards, detailed rendering of images asks for better high definition graphics for PC and Game Consoles combined. Advancing with the future of data, SK hynix will continue to support high bandwidth and top-notch performance products with well-guaranteed power efficiency.

Multi-dimensional processing for various heavy tasks

Graphics extends to all areas from cinematic 3D motion graphics, data analytics, 4K video editing, etc. SK hynix memory products supports these heavy tasks by allowing multi-dimensional processing through our high bandwidth graphics solutions.

Creating realism for immersive experience

Game graphics are becoming more and more realistic, as it articulates detailed shadows, water ripples, movement of grass, and even textures on skin. The increased levels of detail pulls in more capabilities of the memory to ultimately provide an immersive graphic experience.

Fast real-time processing

Living in an era abundant with data, we need to deal with complex imagery and enormous amounts of data concentrated in short increments of time. High bandwidth SK hynix graphics solutions allow receiving, processing, and analyzing of these datas in real-time.

Power management for heavy usage

Game consoles are also becoming slimmer and more energy efficient, without losing any of its high performance. SK hynix graphics solutions satisfies these needs to all users ranging from on-the-go light gamers to heavy gamers needing the best of best performance.

Fit for various gaming platforms

Games continue to be heavily consumed by PCs and gaming consoles. The gaming market is enlarged with the introduction of VR allowing the opportunity for graphics memory to be explored. Our graphics solutions are fit for those various platforms, providing gaming experience in all forms possible.