Discover HBM2!

SK hynix continues to lead the memory industry through the successful development of the world’s first HBM and other next-generation memory solutions incorporating the innovative TSV(Through Silicon Via) technology.
HBM2, the next-generation solution of HBM1, provides world-class performance through higher bandwidth (Up to 256GB/s) and lower power consumption in comparison to other conventional DRAMs.
The leading edge features and technology of SK hynix’s HBM2 will enrich your experience with groundbreaking system performance for various applications, including those of: graphics, servers, supercomputer, networking and many more.

Leading Memory Solutions for Various Applications

HBM is a leading edge memory solution which was first adopted by high-end graphics cards. It is known to have provided the best solutions possible through implementation of 3D, 4K display, Virtual Reality and other upgraded functions.
The usage of HPC(High-performance computing) has extended to various applications in the purpose of processing and storing huge amounts of big data. A high density memory using TSV stacking technology, HBM answers calls for cost-effective memory solutions, securing its reputation as “the most effective” memory for HPC and related products.
In other words, HBM, which has advantages in high performance, low power and small form factor, will help overcome DRAM maximum speed and density limitations which will result in the explosive expansion of HBM demand.

Why HBM? Increased Bandwidth and Lower Power Consumption!

HBM outperforms GDDR5 in memory bandwidth and also in power consumption.

Higher Performance

Higher Performance

Memory bandwidth will increase 100% through HBM2.

Lower Power

Lower Power

HBM2 saves over 40% in power consumption.

Higher Density

Higher Density

HBM2 provides variety of density solutions.

Challenging the Future : HBM2

  DDR3 GDDR5 4-Hi HBM1 4-Hi HBM2
I/O 16 32 1024 1024
Prefetch (per I/O) 8 8 2 2
Max. Bandwidth 4.3GB/s
(2133 per pin)
(8Gbps per pin)
(1Gbps per pin)
(2Gbps per pin)
tRC 4x - 5xns 40ns(=1.5V)
48ns 45ns
tCCD 4ns (=4tCK) 2ns (=4tCK) 2ns (=1tCK) 2ns (=1tCK)
VPP Internal VPP Internal VPP External VPP External VPP
VDD 1.5V, 1.35V 1.5V, 1.35V 1.2V 1.2V
Command Input Single Command Single Command Dual Command Dual Command