DBLDouble Bottom Line

Respect for Human Rights/Labor Rights

SK hynix respects all members as well as the members of cooperative firms as human persons and strives to protect human rights and labor rights against any form of discrimination. SK hynix prohibits all kinds of inhumane treatment such as discrimination, forced labor, excessive working hours and under aged workers. We respect and strive to ensure all labor rights that must be guaranteed such as freedom of association and minimum wage compliance.

Human Rights & Labor Policy

  1. First. SK hynix respects the human dignity and values of all employees and members of its supply chains in pursuing sustainable happiness.
  2. Second. SK hynix is committed to upholding humanism in maintaining good working conditions for all employees and members of its supply chains to enable them to pursue happiness.
  3. Third. SK hynix upholds and respects human rights and labor standards set forth by international organizations such as the UN and ILO and does not discriminate against any individual based on gender, race, nationality, religion, or age.
  4. Fourth. SK hynix complies with the EICC Code of Conduct and labor laws of all countries and regions where it operates, and such compliance is a basic duty of all members of its supply chains.

Guide Line

  1. 01.Respect for human rights
    SK hynix respects all employees as equal human beings, and prohibits violation of human rights under all and any circumstances.
  2. 02.Prohibition of forced labor
    SK hynix does not compel any employee to work against their will by mental and physical bondage including slavery or trafficking of persons, and will not demand that employees surrender any government-issued identification, such as passport, to the company as a condition of employment.
  1. 03.Prohibition of child labor
    SK hynix does not employ children and youths under the age of 15 or younger.
  2. 04.Employment of minors
    SK hynix may employ individuals under the age of 18 or younger in compliance with labor laws, though must not place them in hazardous and dangerous location.
  1. 05.Working hours
    SK hynix shall comply with local labor laws in respect to regular working hours, overtime and allowance for overtime.
  2. 06.Wage
    SK hynix's labor wage shall exceed the minimum wage standard set forth by the local labor law.
  1. 07.Non-discrimination
    SK hynix does not discriminate against any individuals in employment, wage and promotions because of their gender, race, national origin, religion, or age.
  2. 08.Freedom of association
    SK hynix guarantees freedom of association and collective bargaining without distinction, and no retaliation may arise as a consequence of the exercise of such rights.

Response to Conflict Minerals Regulation

Conflict minerals policy

SK hynix is sympathetic to the social significance of limiting the use of conflict minerals. Accordingly, we systematically respond to the use of conflict minerals in the product production process. We, SK hynix, define "conflict mineral" as 3TG minerals such as gold-tungsten, tin, tantalum, etc., which are illegally mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or neighboring countries and we have established a conflict mineral management process.
SK hynix continuously strives to gain a better understanding about the use state of supply chain conflict minerals and will constantly make every effort to expand the CFS certification*of smelters within the cooperative firm supply chain.
*Conflict Free Smelter Certification : Certification for smelters not using conflict minerals.

Operating system of conflict minerals

SK hynix is establishing and operating a conflict mineral management operation process based on cooperation between purchase, continuous business and quality control groups.

Fact-Finding Survey

Step1 Select target
  • Use product BOM (Bill of Material) information Investigate mineral information
  • Identify the partners with the potential to use the mineral in conflict
Step2 Perform survey
  • Establish plans for monitoring in writing of the targeted partners
  • Notify the plan for monitoring in writing and request for data
  • Examine the data
Step3 Manage improvements
  • Request improvement to the refineries that have not yet been certified with CFS
  • Have the improvement plans submitted by the supply line
  • Monitor the improvement status