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SHE Policy

SK hynix pursues values centered on humans and the environment above all else.
For this, the company has stipulated four important SHE management principles to improve quality in terms of safety, health and environment and maintain close cooperative relations with regional societies, in order to secure social trust and pursue the sustainable development of the company. The four important SHE management principles are to establish an advanced SHE management system, to establish safe risk-free business places, to establish a human - centered health system and to establish a sustainable environmental system.

SHE Policy

SK hynix implements safe management principles in the world’s best business places through continuously reforming SHE fields and establishing a culture of safety, provides medical check-ups for its members and preserves the environment of the earth based on our philosophy: management focused on humans and the environment.

For this purpose, the company energetically performs its responsibility and duties with regard to all SHE regulations and continuously engages in preemptive preventive activities by sincerely communicating with relevant people.


  1. 01.SK hynix establishes a business place in which its members are healthy and safe through defining safety and health management as its core value and establishing standards that exceed regulations.

  2. 02.SK hynix improves its safety and health standards through continuously reforming and upgrading its system for the safe operation of equipment.

  3. 03.SK hynix creates working conditions to help its members and employees of cooperative companies, and detects risks in advance and eliminates them.


  1. 04.SK hynix reduces environmental effects as much as possible by implementing eco-friendly designs that consider all processes, effectively using resources and introducing the best pollution preventive facilities.

  2. 05.SK hynix protects the environment of its business places and regional societies through transparently disclosing information about harmful chemicals and systematically managing those substances.

SHE Vision

SHE Vision
Establish an advanced SHE management system
  • Introduce the highest-level global SHE standard
  • Upgrade the ICT-based management system
  • Achieve SHE co-prosperity of SK hynix and cooperative companies
  • Secure confidence through sincere communication
Establish safe risk-free business places
  • Settle present job-oriented autonomous PSM operation
  • Essentialize the procedure to manage changes
  • Conduct safe management through assessing risks
  • Establishment and specialization of safety culture
Establish a health system focused on humans
  • Create human -oriented working conditions
  • Find out potential health risks and eliminate them
  • Introduce a job exposure management system
  • Secure credibility of information about chemicals
Establish a sustainable environmental system
  • Proactively meet to environmental regulations
  • Continue Top Tier low carbon management
  • Save resources and reduce pollutants
  • Secure environmental infrastructures for future growth

SHE Management System

SK hynix has integrated the safety and health management system (OHSAS 18001 / KOSHA 18001), environment management system (ISO 14001) and process safety management (Occupational Safety and Health Act Article 2-2) into its SHE management system.
SK hynix has assessed the performance of safety, health and environment integration under internal guidelines in order to monitor and improve factors deduced through operation of the SHE management system, and has overcome such problems for the perfect operation of the management system.

SHE Management System