SUPPORTCyber Opinion Center


1.The cyber opinion center provides a forum where suggestions, criticism and opinions about the company's business performance are freely expressed by the interested parties including customers, business partners, not to mention, executives and staff members of the company.

2.All information furnished by the participants will be kept confidential following the strict security procedures, and the status of those who did the real-name reporting will be guaranteed protecting them from disadvantageous treatment such as leave of absence, dismissal or resignation against their wish.

3.Slandering or using vulgar language is prohibited. Contents presented aiming for profit-seeking publicity will be deleted without giving notice.

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Any information invading people's privacy or an unjustified criticism or slandering will not be considered for acceptance.


Contact Information

Those desiring a reply or using a real name should fill out the following.

Preventing automatic entries


SK Hynix seeks your consent when collecting privacy information. You will not able to register, if you do not give your consent. Your cooperation in this respect will be appreciated.

1. Purpose of Collecting Privacy Information & its Use
① The use of the privacy information specified hereunder is limited to answering the inquires collected and only the person in charge of such inquires has access to such information. Restricted access to the privacy information is engineeringly institutionalized. Privacy information collected from the informant : Name, address, phone number, other contact information , fax, e- mail. Etc.
② The collected privacy information will be used to explain the procedures handling the inquires made through the Cyber Opinion Center to an individual informant.
③ For other details of handling privacy information, see 'Privacy Information Policy' in the main window.
2. Deletion of Privacy Information
① Informants may, at any time, request the deletion of the registered privacy information or the records of using such information.
② In the event of the informant's request for correcting the erroneous privacy information, such information will not be used or provided until corrected properly.
③ Informant's privacy information will be kept for one year to provide services relating to the inquires made at the Cyber Opinion Center and will be deleted thereafter.
3. Withdrawal of Consent.
① Informant's consent to the collection, use and giving of privacy information through 'Question & Answer' may be withdrawn at any time.
② The withdrawal of consent can be made by contacting the person in charge of privacy information using a letter, phone or email; your privacy information will be deleted with an immediate effect.
The person in charge of privacy information
Kim jangrae, Deputy Manager at Information Team 1 (031-630-3888)
E-Mail :
4. Notification Obligation for the Policy Change
The current policy for privacy information protection was established on October 30, 2009. In the event of addition, deletion or revision, notification will be made iat least 10 days in advance of such modification by posting it at the 'Announcement' of the homepage.
Privacy information protection policy version no. : hynix_091030_1.6
Privacy information protection policy enforcement date. : January 25, 2007

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