SSD for your Enterprise Environments

Data centers have unique requirements to ensure they operate at optimal performance levels at all times. Consistent performance with low latency is essential as well as maintaining optimal stability when processing various workloads.
SK hynix Enterprise SSDs are equipped with NAND flash memory with its controller developed by SK hynix.
We offer high reliability, by incorporating a data protection feature, power-loss-protection to support enterprise environments and applications. Light weight and low power consumption features will make systems more energy efficient.

Our Enterprise SSD Product List

Enterprise Mid Endurance SSD

Mid Endurance SSD products are high performance enterprise class SSDs optimized for mainstream server and storage applications. The applications run read/write workloads and require balanced endurance and performance, along with saving costs.

Products : PE3011 (PCIe eMLC)

Enterprise Read Intensive SSD

Read Intensive SSD products are high performance enterprise class SSDs that are suitable for cost sensitive and read intensive applications, characterized by infrequent write operations or large block sequential data pattern workloads.

Products : SE3010 (SATA MLC)


Physical Features

Form Factor Width Length Thickness
2.5" Standard 70mm 100mm 7mm

Target Estimation

Interface SATA3 (6Gbps)
Form Factor 2.5” Standard
Density 120GB 240GB 480(400)GB 960(800)GB 1.9(1.6)TB
Performance Sequential Read (Sustained) 560MB/s 560MB/s 560MB/s 560MB/s 560MB/s
Sequential Write (Sustained) 150MB/s 300MB/s 505MB/s 490MB/s 450MB/s
Random 4KB Read (Sustained) 82K IOPS 98K IOPS 98K IOPS 98K IOPS 98K IOPS
Random 4KB Write (Sustained) 3K IOPS 8K IOPS 15K IOPS 16K IOPS 15K IOPS
Average Power Active Read –RMS Average 2.0W 2.0W 2.1W 2.2W 2.4W
Active Write –RMS Average 2.0W 2.9W 3.9W 4.7W 4.8W
Idle 0.6W 0.6W 0.6W 0.7W 0.7W