Hynix Introduces World’s First Commercially Applicable Mega-level FeRAM, a Major Industry Milestone 2003.03.10

Seoul, KOREA, March 7, 2003 – Hynix Semiconductor Inc. today announced the successful introduction of its commercially applicable FeRAM (Ferroelectric RAM), a non-volatile, low power, high-density and high speed memory ideal for next-generation mobile and SoC (System on Chip) applications.


Introduced in 4Mb and 8 Mb densities and manufactured on Hynix’s advanced .25um process technology, the FeRAM samples operate at 3.0-Volts with data access time of 70 nanoseconds and are capable of 100 billion read/write repetitions. Unlike existing products that are composed of two transistors and two capacitors, FeRAM achieves mega-level density by adopting a one transistor, one capacitor (1T1C) cell structure and can operate on lower than 1.0-Volt, exceeding traditional FeRAM’s limitations. In addition, by applying new circuit concepts and ferroelectric materials BLT (Bismuth Lanthanum Titanate), Hynix has dramatically improved FeRAM’s stability and device reliability while shrinking its die size. Using the newly developed technology, FeRAM is expandable to 64Mb without additional development costs. Hynix expects FeRAM to be the main memory product in embedded applications. The 4 and 8 mega FeRAM opens the door to higher performing 64 mega-level products which Hynix plans to develop and mass produce.


Hynix plans to firmly establish its presence in the future FeRAM market. Hynix has applied for more than 150 US patents for FeRAM Technologies. The company expects rapid market penetration of FeRAM in mobile and multimedia applications including handsets, PDA’s, smart phones and smart cards and projects the FeRAM market to reach 10 billion dollar scale by 2006. Hynix will present the details of its FeRAM technical features at the 15th ISIF (International Symposium on Integrated Ferroelectrics) Conference being held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on March 10th.